Welcome to my World!


I live on the Florida Gulf Coast, the part of Florida everyone forgets. I live one hour from Mobile, Alabama, 30 minutes to Brewton, and 20 minutes from the Beach. When the hurricanes hit, our trees come down, but most of our roofs stay on.
Before yesterday, July 21, 2012, I posted my writing and photography on Facebook and on my own website. I didn’t realize the capabilities of WordPress and its blogging site.  

My niece in Tennessee, who also writes and has a blog here, posted a link for a man whose young daughter challenged him to get 1,000,000 “likes” in 24 hours on his blogging Facebook page. I don’t think he got them, but I was intrigued and joined my niece in liking his page. As a result, he read something I blogged on Facebook, liked and commented. His words touched me and though there is no way for him to know my situation in life, this all came at a perfect time. So I spent yesterday copying and pasting poems I’ve already written, along with some columns and blogs I’d done in the past. I will continue to do that today. 

This is the perfect venue to bring everything together. I’m so excited about writing again…I feel so alive and enthusiastic about this endeavor. It was certainly meant to be.

I’ve just begun to look around at other blogs here. It is Sunday and I am certain I will spend most of my day right here, getting to know your blogs and continuing to expand my own.

So WELCOME! I want your comments. I want to read YOUR writing. Connect with me here so we can share and learn together! I’m so glad to be joining this site. It has quickly become my most valuable resource.


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