Please Remember Me

My Dad told me and one of my sisters that he wanted this song played at his funeral. So we did and it made everybody cry: “Please Remember Me”  by Tim McGraw.

That anyone who ever met my dad would forget him is hard to imagine.

I am the daughter of Howard Stewart. Dad wrote music and sang. He played the guitar and somewhere there exists some reel-to-reel recordings of songs he wrote that we have never heard. I’d like to find them.

My grandmother wrote poetry. I’ll post here it when I find it. It is filled with sadness.

My mother is a writer. She writes to this day. I have a cassette tape of her singing with her sister when I was just a child, running around making noise while they were trying to record. I also have photos of her in her Country-Western getup. I’ll post those too. Porter Wagner is standing next to her in one of them.

My Dad’s grandfather built a church single-handedly in a little town called Morton’s Gap in Kentucky.

My Mom’s ancestors came over from England on a ship in the mid-1600s. A man and his wife moved to Massachusetts and then they had three children who were born in America. The man, John Cogsworth, died at the age of 34 on a ship following a subsequent trip back to England to settle business. He wrote a letter to his parents while on the ship. He died of a snakebite. I have a copy of  his letter and I will post it here soon.

I am a photographer and a writer – self taught in both areas.

I have five children and three grandchildren.

I write.

That’s who I am.

Please remember me.

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