Ups and Downs

I remember times in my life when daily struggles didn’t seem quite so tough to handle. I don’t know if the passing of time just deadens the memory or if life has been more difficult lately. Today I was so stressed out from caring for my two young grandsons that I thought about what would […]

Woman Child 6.8.12

My nine-year-old daughter brought a fake diamond out of her room this morning, a big plastic diamond, along with an armful of fruity perfumes her grandma gave her, and said she was going to take the diamond outside and bury it. I asked her what the perfume was for, she said to make it smell […]

Kids in the House 7.21.12

Woke up this morning against my will. Fought it, pulled the covers over my head, squeezed my eyes tight, hummed to block out the sounds in my room… but when I peeked out from under my blanket, I found two kids and a kitten all staring at me. Point of no return: get up grumpy […]

The Chair 7.11.2012

I’ve been sitting the same chair for a week or so now, only taking breaks to look for a new job and feed the cats. The chair is a large comfortable rocker/recliner, dark blue or black in color. I can’t tell. I make a lot of  decisions in this chair. An observer might think I’m wasting […]

Woman on the Edge Freedom 5.29.12

Woman on the Edge 5.29.12 Something happened the week following my dad’s death in April. Something unexpected. I was crying one day, missing him, regretting all I had not done, just aching so badly I could barely function when suddenly this peace came over me and I felt my dad’s presence. It’s very easy for […]

My daughter in Africa 5.27.12

Woman on the Edge May 27 My daughter lives in Africa. She is 21 years old, a graduate of Milton High School, Pensacola State College and Florida State University. She is a member of the Peace Corps. She has no running water at her house. She sleeps under a mosquito net over her bed. There […]

Woman on the Edge 5.24.12

Woman on the Edge May 24 Hi Dad. It’s been more than a month since you passed away. I talk to you sometimes. I hope you can hear me. I hear your voice calling me “kiddo”. I cried the other day when I dialed your cellphone number to see if your voice was on the […]