Things are better…uh…no

October 2012 I’m feeling so much better, I don’t even feel like updating this blog. Don’t want to talk about the bad stuff that is behind me. Life is better. I’m sitting in my bedroom in a friend’s house. The roller coaster ride is over for now and I survived. I did not do it […]

The Other Side of Addiction

A very good writer, the person who inspired me to join this site, wrote a blog last week about alcoholism. I wrote a message on his post, detailing how the alcoholism of others has affected my life. More recently and more directly, it was prescription drug addictions that affected my life. Not my own, but […]

Me, minus prozac

I know better than to let my medicine run out. Money is so tight, I could not afford the $40 to go to the doctor or the $8 for my pills. I told myself I didn’t need them, and I went off of them for about four days. Today is the fifth. It’s funny to […]

Personal Blog 7.17.12

I am overwhelmed with the emotions of life. My dad is dead, my daughter is in Africa, traveling and speaking French with a tribal chief and acting as the interpreter for her friends. ¬†She just turned 22. Life has slapped me in the face and demanded I pause to take note of it in all […]