Spinning child

June 18, 2007 12:26 PM My daughter is four-and-a-half. This morning, she was in the kitchen, spinning in circles, with her arms straight out at her sides. She spun and her hair, which is getting long, spun with her. It resembled brown gold. She looked up at the ceiling and kept on spinning. She was […]

Fireplace Smell 5.24.2007

Woman on the Edge By Lynne Hough There’s a house on Berryhill Rd. between Dogwood Drive and the radio station. At this house, someone takes the time to light a fire most days when it is cold and/or raining. I don’t know the people who live there. I don’t know even know their last name. […]

Woman on the Edge – Phillip

 June 18, 2007 12:24 PM My cousin died this past weekend. He was 46. It was cancer. They gave him three months. He lasted about 12 days. His name is Phillip. When Phillip was 16 years old, he was riding a motorcycle on a road in another place, much like Milton. His headlight went out […]

Woman on the Edge – Reality

One of the things in life that we might think is the most dependable is reality. But the truth is, our reality comes from what we know and what we’ve experienced and what we believe. For example, my four-year-old’s reality is really cool. She sees an entirely different reality when we are looking right at […]