Rest in Peace Daddy

God called his Angel home “There you are!” He said, “Your work on Earth is done” Before we knew it, he was gone. We bowed our heads in sorrow As life and death played out… What happens tomorrow? What is this about? Painful silence met our cries as we listened with our ears, straining for […]

For Drew Sanborn

Written Febuary 2, 2006 In your absence, I found your light. It took several days of tears and one or two nights; Then it came to me and I saw how your death would change my life. I saw your legacy in my vision. I saw the vision you left behind in the hearts of […]

Brick and Mortar

You won’t get in. Go ahead, try: push and shove. Determined to cross the line? You won’t get by. The walls are in place; built by your lies; solidly set in brick and mortar to protect the precious gift inside. You can say you love me. You can want to hold me. You can even […]


Will you be my best friend forever and never hurt me If I turn to you in tears, will you hold me Will you not laugh at me Will you keep your promises made long ago Will you be true to who you say you are Can I please not be afraid to love you […]

The House

Your windows are cracked and so are the walls There are no lights down your dark halls I step inside, you give your all; You are my every home. With window seats and wooden floors Memories and wooden doors Creaks and ghosts that I adore Inside my long lost home. Not one thing of you […]

First Love

Untouched heart, awakened by the gravitation pull between you and I. The greatest joy and the most painful disappointment of my life You were my first love. Everyone remembers HIM: the one who sets the standard; the one who gets the girl. I tried to force love before I met you. I looked for it […]

Tough thing, this love

Once kisses and roses, the face of love is strong Beyond sacrifice and devotion Demanding action, it hears the words but needs the touch Whether rough palms of conviction or tender hands of justice It wants to know the truth, its very existence threatened by deceit Tell me you love me, but grab my arm […]