My oldest girl

The day will come when I am gone from this Earth and that will suck. But what a terrible life I would have lived if you had never been born. I was here without you for 32 years. If I can do it, so can you. I knew you before your birth by faith. You can do that as well.

I grieved the loss of my dad until I completely blocked him from my heart with pain. As soon as I chilled, he was there. I know this to be true. Believe it and know it.

I didn’t predict your future. I knew. Everything about your life as a child brought you to be the woman you are now. It couldn’t be anything else. Your independence and determination as a young girl has remained with you and served you well. When you took off for Africa, I thought I would die. Only my faith in God and belief in you kept me going. I never expressed to you my human fear because I never allowed myself to live it. I was in Africa with you. On the phone, in my heart, through the angels I sent with you. When you caught malaria, I was taken to a deeper fear and faith than I had ever known. You hated my phone calls to Washington, to London…but that is the daughter I have. She dragged me around the world in my soul and I went with undeniable love and understanding.

Your confidence and desire to tackle the world seems normal for you, to me. I have no doubt of the path you are on and whether I walk this Earth or fly among the angels, I am with you. God is with you. And you are my hero.


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