I’m a Cogswell!

Family history has always intrigued me. Even as a teen, I recall questioning my mother’s mother about our family tree. She told me two things I never forgot: we were related to wealthy people from England and there was a family inheritance that had never been claimed; and the second…that our beautiful blue eyes came from a French Army deserter who was quite young when he fled from Canada to a plantation where he met and fell in love with … a woman we are also related to.

Not a lot to go on, but jump forward to 2010, when I was 50, and signed onto Ancestry.com. I found the family from England and it turns out they were really something to investigate.

The Cogswells.

My 10th-great-grandfather was an amazing, brave man who took his wife and nine children with all the family belongings to brave an ocean and survive a category 4 hurricane shipwreck off the coast of Maine to land in The New World!

It is romantic and exciting and makes me so proud!  It also explains a lot to me about myself.

My adult lifelong best friend calls me Nomad – a nickname I earned because of a restlessness I often display. We find out who we are as time passes and certain traits seem repeatedly prevelant. In my case, a spirit of adventure and boredom with the mundane. It used to leave me feeling like the odd man out as a youngster, but as a mature adult, I embrace it. And now I have an excuse for my wandering, curious ways: the genes of John Cogswell, Sr   1592 – 1669.


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