My little girl

My 10-year-old daughter is the most amazing child. Anyone who spends even five minutes with her can attest to my declaration. Today, on the way to the bus stop, she tells me she has a little mustache growing and shows me. Then she tells me it’s no big deal, everyone gets them. She pauses and then she adds that some friends at her new school mentioned it. And then they stopped being her friend.

My heart broke. I keep seeing her smiling face as she waved at me from her bus seat as she drove away and I prayed my favorite prayer, “Angels all around her, Lord. Please put Angels all around her.”

She has taken this change in our life very well. She depends on me heavily to offer her normalcy and guidance, to keep her on track when she slips a little. She comes to me for long hugs and she tells me things like, “Please don’t leave me Mommy. You are all I have.” It warms my heart and devastates me at the same time.

Her German Shepherd died right after we moved to Crestview. The dog knew all of my girl’s secrets, her fears, and whatever dreams a little girl shares with her dog. We have not replaced the pet yet…I’m waiting to find the right animal and I have to keep in mind when we get our own home again, there will be a landlord to handle.

We are removed from our family. I am isolated by not having transportation. I lost a good paying job because of it. But there is so much to be grateful for. Life will change. Life will get better. It’s my job in the meantime to make sure her daily life feels normal and routine.

I am thankful for what I have and for friends who are true.


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