Ellen…? Where are you?

The first time I remember truly helping someone… it was blind twins. I was in the 3rd grade at Western Elementary in Kokomo, Indiana. The year would have been around…1968. There was a classroom across the hall from mine. It had the “special” kids. In that classroom were two girls, identical twins. I remember they […]

Luck, Prayer and Faith

I don’t know if I’m normal. Does everyone say that to themselves? Do we all worry that we are so different, so unique that we are off the charts and no one else will relate to us? Does it really matter? Inside my own head, I suffer highs and lows. No, I’m not bi-polar. My […]

No Punches Held

PART ONE It seems everyone is supposed to have a best friend, someone who knows all about us and can listen without judging. Well, this blog is…all of you are my best friend today.  No one exists in my life to sit with me and hear my fears. No one knows what goes on inside […]

My little girl

My 10-year-old daughter is the most amazing child. Anyone who spends even five minutes with her can attest to my declaration. Today, on the way to the bus stop, she tells me she has a little mustache growing and shows me. Then she tells me it’s no big deal, everyone gets them. She pauses and […]