Blog: good – Silence: bad

Blogging has turned out to be exactly what I needed in my life.

I wrote a blog today, then went back to read some of my own from last month.

I’m going through a lot right now. Where daily life seems like a big blur, I can actually see my own progress in my blog entries.

Here is an update:

My son is almost totally off prescription drugs. He met a new woman and she is good for him. I won’t make a lot of assumptions here or try to predict what will happen, but his future looks much better than it did even a month ago.

School starts back up on Monday. My youngest daughter will be in fourth grade. She went with her dad today and met her teacher. Three students from last year’s class are in her new classroom, so she is happy. She wants to be a vet and help animals, so she’s been watching animal autopsies all day. We stumbled on a great white shark being dissected on PBS last night and she really enjoyed it. I did  too, for that matter, so now she’s found some more of the same series with PBS on Youtube. She is awesome.

Daughter One called me from Africa. She is doing well. Lots to tell me, very little having to do with the Peace Corps. She is awesome too.

Son Two visited me at work yesterday. We had a great visit and shared some insights. I am very proud of him. Also awesome.

Son One has been confiding in me about new person in his life. His eyes are sparkling and there is no sign of addiction anymore. He is awesome. Thank you God for answering that prayer.

Son Three  is doing well, working too hard. Had a great conversation with him yesterday. Always awesome.

I am a very lucky mom. I have prayed for my children’s safety nearly every single day of their lives and God has granted me healthy kids who have been spared injury or death more than once. I am grateful.

My mom and I have been talking a lot. I was offered a chance to pursue a well paying job in my hometown and I have decided not to talk it. I don’t think it’s the right path for me, even though most of my brothers and sisters and mom all live there. I am making a vow to myself to buy stamps and envelopes and write to them and share what I am feeling about Dad’s death. I want them to see photos of my family here…the grandkids included…and perhaps close the 8-hour Interstate gap that separates us. Mom and I talk a lot, laugh and cry a lot. She is my friend and my confidant.

I have been back to work now for three or four weeks. It is a slow process to recover financially after being out of work.I thought I was going to have help in that area from the men in the house, but no such luck, so I am making some changes. If I have to live broke, I want things my own way. And I will have them my own way.

I have two new puppies in the house. Titan and Roxanne. Titan is a black beagle puppy. Not sure what kind of dog his daddy is. He’s a brute. We got him first. Roxanne is my puppy. She is a typical beagle, soft soft ears…so sweet. She is my baby.

Lacy, our German Shepherd is doing well, but not sure what to think about the puppies. Gotta make sure my youngest daughter spends some time with her number one dog so she knows we still love her too.

Our Mama Kitty is pregnant again. A bone of contention between grumpy members of the family and me. I love all this life around me. Especially after my dad dying like he did. We have three kittens already and the new litter soon.

I’m buying some fence this weekend so we can separate our yard for the different animals. Lacy almost ate Titan today because someone didn’t separate them when feeding them…so there ya go.

All is all, life is good. I am feeling better and love writing, so the blogs will be flowing. I am bored at work right now, until things pick up, so I am taking advantage of down time to write.

Everyone have a great weekend.

God Bless.

Love you Dad!


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