I’m waiting for a friend who is Syrian, to post on facebook that he is okay. From what I can see in his most recent posts yesterday, the fighting there is near his home. He lives in Aleppo and it is in the news today as a primary target for fighting, along with the activities in Damascus.

I have posted about this young man and the situation over there on my facebook and only a handful of my friends respond. I guess people do not relate to what is going on in Syria. I do. I relate to other human beings in war zones just because they ARE human. This young man is actually my daughter’s friend. She has known him online only, for about a year and a half. She had long conversations with him before she left for Africa, to serve in the Peace Corps. I have been so proud of her for reaching out to know other cultures. I was inspired by her and did it myself. I sent him a friend request a few weeks ago, he accepted and we began conversing on fb messenger. He was fasting this weekend, he told me. He said he could hear the bombing, but yesterday he posted that he can hear the bullets and he hears other weapons now that he does not recognize. He says the fighting is very close. Then he posts no more.

So now Aleppo has power outages and that means even if he is alive, he cannot get on the internet to post anything. I am worried about him and I pray tonight and every night for his safety, and that of his family. I have grown children his age and I know how I would feel if this were happening to my own family.

I pray the fighting there ends soon and peace reigns.

Praying for you, Ahmad Sawas.


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