Rest in Peace Daddy

God called his Angel home
“There you are!” He said,
“Your work on Earth is done”
Before we knew it, he was gone.

We bowed our heads in sorrow
As life and death played out…
What happens tomorrow?
What is this about?

Painful silence met our cries
as we listened with our ears,
straining for an answer
we knew we’d never hear.

God doesn’t own a phone.
We can’t ring Him up and say,
“We think it would be better
if you took Dad another day.”

God has His plan in time;
His calendar we don’t see –
Forcing us to trust His word
on His plans for eternity.

But if we listen closely
To the noises in our world
God’s talking to us every day –
sounds we’ve known and heard.

In the rustling of the wind
through the Indiana trees;
In the crashing of the waves
on the shore of Dad’s own beach…

Open your heart and watch for signs –
you’ll see them everywhere.
Messages from our Father
touch us, graciously in prayer.

God! Take care of Howard!
He cared for us, you know…
We lost this tug-of-war with you
and we had to let him go.

Every tear we cry says “I love you, Dad”
Every sigh holds an unused kiss
For the hands of leather and heart of gold…
For the Blessing we all will miss.

Rest in Peace Daddy.
I love you.

By Lynne Stewart – Hough
April 18, 2012


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