First Love

Untouched heart, awakened by the gravitation pull between you and I.
The greatest joy and the most painful disappointment of my life
You were my first love.
Everyone remembers HIM:
the one who sets the standard;
the one who gets the girl.
I tried to force love before I met you.
I looked for it where it simply did not exist.
One day you opened a door, literally, and entered my world.
Very cliche to say my life was never the same again,
but it wasn’t.
I lost you more than once,
never because I wanted to say goodbye.
Forced apart by circumstance
emotions intact
love alive
heart in pain.
I missed you so much that it changed me;
perhaps set a forward motion in my life
that I would never be able to stop.
No other love calmed the storm.
Denial simply put it on hold.
The years and the miles are irrelevant
when I’m being honest
with me.
There is no distance from the past –
it’s as close as the future.
Today exists because we met.


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