Will you be my best friend forever and never hurt me
If I turn to you in tears, will you hold me
Will you not laugh at me
Will you keep your promises made long ago
Will you be true to who you say you are
Can I please not be afraid to love you
Will you tell me the truth and never turn your back on me
If I am sick, will you care for me
If I am scared, will you comfort me
When others hurt me, will you always be there
Will you believe in me and allow me to believe in you
If I need to talk, will you listen
If I need to share, will you hear
Will you love me and forgive me when I make mistakes
Will you not judge me
Will you share your good news with me
Will you be strong when I am weak
If I don’t want to be alone, will you sit with me
If I am hungry, can we eat together
If I am lonely, will you calm my heart
If I need strength, will you lend me yours
When times are tough, will you stay
Will you take away my pain

I could use an unconditional friend.

Jesus? Are you there?


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