Woman on the Edge – Reality

One of the things in life that we might think is the most dependable is reality.

But the truth is, our reality comes from what we know and what we’ve experienced and what we believe.

For example, my four-year-old’s reality is really cool.

She sees an entirely different reality when we are looking right at the same thing.

The moon, for instance, was very full and very bright last week. When we walked outside to enjoy it, it was low to the ground over my house. She looked at me and said, “I didn’t know the moon could land.”

I was speechless.

The most simple concept and I had never thought of it in my entire life.

Of course, sometimes it is her level of language.

Her clock is a Care Bear’s clock. It’s not hanging on the wall right now. If the hands stop moving, she smacks it with her own little hand. She did this the other day and looked at me. “See? It’s clocking again,” she told me when the clock began ticking.

It mattered not to her that the time was wrong because the clock had been sitting, not working. She didn’t even know that.

It only mattered that she made it work and she saw the hands moving.

Her reality was good.

But people aren’t always tolerant of one another’s reality.

So people argue sometimes and have disagreements over what each sees as their truth.

And to each, it is just as real and true as can be.

That’s why having an open mind is a good idea.

When I was in my mid-30s, I found out I really didn’t know anything. That would have devastated me in my teens or 20s, when knowing everything was so important. But at 35, the realization was exciting. It was a chance to learn. My eyes were opened and I found stereotypes falling by the wayside.

Nothing that was my reality before that time was true anymore.

A person who can face and understand that has a chance to make it in this crazy world.

I have learned more in the past ten years than in all the previous years.

And the term “moon landing” has come to mean something more than astronauts landing and walking on our shiny neighbor.

It means anything is possible.

July 06, 2007 10:02 AM


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