Woman Child 6.8.12

My nine-year-old daughter brought a fake diamond out of her room this morning, a big plastic diamond, along with an armful of fruity perfumes her grandma gave her, and said she was going to take the diamond outside and bury it. I asked her what the perfume was for, she said to make it smell good before she buries it. I watched her from the front window of the house and sure enough, she sprayed the plastic diamond, dug a hole and buried it. Then she walked over to the hole and stomped on it several times. She came back into the house after a few minutes, smiled at me and went off to put away the perfume.

A few minutes before that, she walked through the living room with a large plastic orange dinosaur and said her “baby” needed a nap, skipping down the hallway to her room.

Yesterday, she printed four pictures of animals she created on an internet program and traced them. She showed me each one as she finished them and then she made a “book” and stapled all eight pages together. She was very proud.

Last night, she came out of her room with a friend and they did a song for us – a variation of “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper. They added some words and switched some lyrics around and made us laugh.

Three nights ago she came to me and told me she knows how to use a tampon. I should win an Oscar for the performance I gave. Turns out, a friend of hers told her how to use one. I asked her if she knew what a tampon was for. She had an idea, but generally, no she did not. I told her I would rather explain things to her than have a friend tell her because friends at her age usually get it wrong.

I drew a stick figure and explained some very basic information. I told her about a girl I went to school with who started her period at during a school day. Her mother had never explained menstrual cycles to her and she thought she was dying.

I told my daughter it was nothing to be afraid of and she doesn’t have to worry about it any time soon. She asked a couple of questions and then I made it clear to her that I was not embarrassed to talk about these things and a lot of stuff is going to come up over the next few years. I said I would rather she come to me and get the truth rather than listen to what her friends are saying. She said she would and that was the end of that.

She came back to me about ten minutes later, hugged me and said, “Thanks for making sure I know what I need to know Mom.”

Whew. That was close.


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