Tough thing, this love

Once kisses and roses, the face of love is strong

Beyond sacrifice and devotion

Demanding action, it hears the words but needs the touch

Whether rough palms of conviction or tender hands of justice

It wants to know the truth, its very existence threatened by deceit

Tell me you love me, but grab my arm as the water rises

Your eyes touch my soul and I know you’ll be here

Like faith, the substance of love is in that you believe and I believe

So it speaks to us and carries us, and we waiver not in the face of adversity

It’s just stuff

One hundred years along, new stuff to deter far-away generations

existing now only in our faith for the future.

I just hope they know…

Praying now that wisdom and patience might change the world.

Teach those children to trust the voice that speaks inside.

I brought food and gifts to the child.

And I smacked his hand before the fire burned it.

He frowned, ignorant that both say I would die for you.

I held him down when he would run from help

He slept in my arms only to stir in his sleep, screaming out in memories of pain

My peace quieted him and he stared into my eyes, too young for words

His hand wrapped around my finger and he lie still in slumber

And he knew love.

July 2, 2011

Lynne Hough


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