The Chair 7.11.2012

I’ve been sitting the same chair for a week or so now, only taking breaks to look for a new job and feed the cats. The chair is a large comfortable rocker/recliner, dark blue or black in color. I can’t tell.

I make a lot of  decisions in this chair. An observer might think I’m wasting time or watching too much television or playing on Facebook too much, but the truth is I’m thinking. I’m pondering, making decisions about my life and the lives of the children in my care. I am weighing jobs, bills…even cities where I might move. I am thinking about whether I’m going really going to move and if anyone gets to go with me.

Granted, I do watch television while I’m sitting here, and I do keep up with Facebook. But truthfully, I am in a therapy session with the universe.  Children come to my chair to tell me what they want me to know and to ask me questions. The kittens came over and slept on me a while today. I took care of some business online and made some phone calls from my chair. My oldest grandson was brought to my house, the neighbor girl came over to play with my
daughter, then the three of them went next door to swim. I directed these activities and gave them my stamp of approval from my vantage point in my chair. I texted my neighbor and she texted back to let me know the kids had arrived at her house and were swimming.

From my chair today, I found how out to gain custody of my grandchildren; changed their doctor on their insurance; made a doctor’s appointment for one of them for tomorrow and applied for a job I’ve been wanting for a long time.  I smelled dinner cooking (granny in the kitchen) and ate it right here in my chair.

Yesterday, I talked to my daughter in Africa, and my son in Pensacola. I watched the rain coming straight down
with thick fat raindrops and was reminded I live in Florida – with afternoon rainstorms and humidity that also keeps me indoors, in my chair.

I refuse to accept that “I’m doing nothing” or lazy. Some days I can’t sit still, other days I’m perfectly content running my life from a stationary standpoint…sitpoint.

Archie Bunker (age check), move over.


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