Howard L. Stewart in Memory 6.18.12

Dad never opened a Facebook page in his life. I can imagine his face if he were sitting next to me while I showed him this page and explained how it all works.

“I’ll be damned,” he’d say.

I would show him all the photos and updates on his grand kids that he missed over the years by not having a computer or the internet. My kids grew up in Northwest Florida over the past 17 years, since we moved from Bradenton. His grandsons became big strong men and my oldest daughter, a beautiful young woman. I didn’t move away by choice and in retrospect, I would have done many things differently. Everyone says that I suppose, after losing a family member. I have great incentive not to take a stand and say I never would have moved in the first place because this move to the Pensacola area resulted in my 2nd daughter, fifth child…and so far, three grandsons that I very definitely would not have had we not moved.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I missed him greatly. Nothing brings tears to my eyes and down my face as quickly as missing Dad. Despite my occasional breakdowns yesterday, it was a day Dad would have loved. I was home most of the day, surrounded by family. It was much like many days he created over my lifetime: someone cooking in the kitchen; someone watching a auto race on tv; kids running through the house; laughter, confusion, mayhem and memories.

It was a good day.

Which brings me to this page.

I wanted to plant a tree in his honor, but I don’t own a house where I know I will be able to watch the tree grow over the years, so I am waiting on that. I decided to plant a Facebook page, but had no time yesterday. It is very early in the morning and I awoke about an hour ago, unable to go back to sleep, and began this memorial page for my Dad.

Lots more to come…


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