Howard L. Stewart in Memory 7.18.12

Started grief counseling at Hospice in Milton, over my dad. Spent three hours with a therapist, lots of crying and lots of laughing. It was a good choice.

One thing she told me that really helped is that I am developing a new relationship with my dad, after his death. His influences and love are still alive. My heart has to find a place for Dad without his body. I know not everyone believes as I do, but for me, these are good words. Talking to her and hearing her experience with death and grief made me feel a lot better. I know other people are going through the same thing in losing someone they love, but being able to say anything I felt or even things I was worried about, released some of my anguish. I am finding positive ways to tribute my dad. This page is one of them. I have had regrets about not sharing more with dad in photos and writing about my family here in Santa Rosa County. I have decided to do for my long-distance family, what I wanted to do for Dad: share. It begins today.


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