A Tribute to my Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day, 2012.

I created this page to honor my Dad, Howard L. Stewart, Sr. He was born in Kokomo, Indiana in 1939, number 7 of 16 children. He died in Bradenton, Florida on April 15, 2012 of liver cancer.

I have already posted many things about him on my own Facebook page, but my page is private and unsearchable. This page is public and will continue to grow over the years. I am going to add links to Ancestry.com that involve our family. I am going to post photos of my dad, for my dad, about our family. It is a work in progress and always will be.

I plan to interview his remaining brothers and sisters about his life, and their lives as children growing up in Kokomo. There is so much I don’t know. As I learn more about his life, so will you.

I have done enough crying. It is time to celebrate!



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