Kids in the House 7.21.12

Woke up this morning against my will. Fought it, pulled the covers over my head, squeezed my eyes tight, hummed to block out the sounds in my room… but when I peeked out from under my blanket, I found two kids and a kitten all staring at me. Point of no return: get up grumpy and admonish them for waking me on what should have been a lazy Saturday morning, or go with the flow.

I am not a morning person, so I forced cheerfulness and hoped it would be genuine soon. One grandson to the right, hugging the kitten that was lying on my neck and subsequently cutting off my air, the other to the left whispering “I want to watch cartoons” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. He got in trouble in school yesterday for not listening. I am beginning to think he has hearing problems. Or maybe he’s just four. Doctor will have to decide. My judgement is off. (I whispered the word “Christmas” behind his head to see if he would hear me. He did not turn around, so maybe…)

Life with two little boys is like living on a hamster wheel. It wouldn’t be so bad on its own merit, but every now and then, someone jams a stick in the mechanism and I go flying. We seem to be constantly on fast forward. If it’s not food, drinks, cartoons, shoes to go outside and blow bubbles, fights over who spilled the bubbles, can I take a bath, stop dropping your hot wheels on the hardwood floor…it’s “get out of my bedroom”, “get back in bed, you already had a drink”, “no you can’t have a popsicle for breakfast” (to which the five year old answered, “But it’s blue {{insert whining}}”, (which caused the two adults in the house to exchange a puzzled look and then laugh.)

I already did this. I raised my kids. I must have done it so well, God decided I needed a round two. Erma Bombeck was my hero when I was doing it the first time. Her sense of humor reminded me to laugh and reading her books made me know I was not alone in my frustrations. I never imagined I would spend my 50s with little kids and their noises and toys. It has been thrust upon me by life, so I will make the best of it and use the chaos they create as fodder for my columns.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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