The Other Side of Addiction

A very good writer, the person who inspired me to join this site, wrote a blog last week about alcoholism. I wrote a message on his post, detailing how the alcoholism of others has affected my life. More recently and more directly, it was prescription drug addictions that affected my life. Not my own, but […]

Not Always So

Life is very tough right now. It hasn’t always been that way. When it wasn’t, I didn’t know it. Of course I could tell you what the problems of the day were at the time, but I took a lot for granted. Now it’s a matter of survival: food, housing, lights, water, transportation, medicine, even […]

Me, minus prozac

I know better than to let my medicine run out. Money is so tight, I could not afford the $40 to go to the doctor or the $8 for my pills. I told myself I didn’t need them, and I went off of them for about four days. Today is the fifth. It’s funny to […]

Missing Dad

My Dad passed away three months ago. He was 71 years old. In my earlier days, I would have thought that age was just about right for someone to die. Now that it’s happened, I know it is way too young. Yeah, Dad had grey hair and wrinkles and false teeth. But he had most […]


I’m waiting for a friend who is Syrian, to post on facebook that he is okay. From what I can see in his most recent posts yesterday, the fighting there is near his home. He lives in Aleppo and it is in the news today as a primary target for fighting, along with the activities […]